Outer Space as a Driver for Disaster Risk Management

Space applications related to telecommunications and global navigation can play a vital role in supporting disaster risk reduction, response and recovery efforts, a senior United Nations official has said.

U.S. is the Global Fraud Hotspot

Global retailers can expect a 12 percent growth in online fraudulent activity in the upcoming holiday season, compared with the same period last year-and lower ticket prices on fraudster-targeted gifts and products.

7 Strategies to Defend Against Supply Chain Risks in the Digital Era

Even brick and mortar companies are increasingly leveraging the internet and cloud services to expand their business. As traditional business models have changed to incorporate these resources, the security risks presented have evolved as well. In today’s world of digital business, the security risks faced by the majority of companies have largely shifted into the…

Business Travel Continues to Grow in China

Average growth for travel and expense (T&E) budgets in China in 2016 was 4.86%, consistent with 4.8% growth in 2015, and also with the 4.42% that had been anticipated in a 2015 survey.

Smart Grids Lack Cybersecurity Protection

A new Tripwire survey found that 38 percent of respondents believe smart grids have the greatest cyber security risks when compared to other smart city services and 20 percent said they have the smart city initiatives for their smart grids.